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April 2012 has seen the installation of the Toshiba eStudio 6530c, part of Toshiba’s flagship series of digital printing presses and one of the biggest breakthroughs in digital colour printing – a truly next generation machine!

Digital PressThe decision was made based on the need to increase the speed and capacity of the digital printing side of the company and as we currently have a local authority contract which requires a guaranteed 5 hour turnaround time from artwork arriving with us to the delivery of the documents, we realised this was the time to make the investment.

The installation of the Toshiba digital printing machine with its new technology and speed, will enable Gary to keep his last remaining hairs intact for a little while longer!! In addition to helping Gary’s follicles, we are also continually committing ourselves to a programme of change and we are driven to improving our impact on the environment. The e-STUDIO6530c is Energy Star compliant, complete with energy saver and sleep modes for reduced power consumption helping both our green credentials and our electricity bill.

Not only does the new printing press produce high quality office documents but it can also create stunning promotional flyers, leaflets, business cards and also posters. And it doesn’t stop there......the inline stitching unit opens up a whole world of possibilities with various types of brochures and booklets produced in one pass!

Toshiba eStudio 6530c

The Toshiba digital printing press is designed for busy, medium-large printing companies who require exceptionally high quality colour printing and a reliable high volume system. The machine prints 75 pages per minute in mono and 65 pages per minute in full colour. It is capable of handling almost any type of media and is equipped with an inline stitching unit and large capacity feeder. The press has uncompromising colour quality, improved reliability and can output onto waterproof paper, up to 300gsm card and produce banners up to 1.2 meters in length.

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