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hat's spiral out of controlJun '12

james euro pic

james pictureJames has found himself at the centre of a national Euro 2012 promotion, after some questionable pictures taken in the boardroom are leaked on the internet.

James received a call in the early hours of Monday morning regarding promotional hats for the Euro's. So later that day the cip thinktank (Gary, James and Paul) headed to the boardroom. Several cups of coffee and a packet of digestives later, they developed an idea which was head and shoulders above the rest. It was the new England spiral hat. To market this breakthrough in headwear all they needed was a willing model, so the search began for the typical England fan. They didn't have to look far as James, who is as mad as a hatter anyway, was happy to say yes!!

Paul went off to fetch his camera and James stripped off and got into character. By the time Paul returned, James had downed his third pint and was singing the National Anthem!!! Paul immediately got down to business and captured James in some rather compromising positions modeling cip's pioneering new England spiral hat.

james pictureThe images were leaked by two unknown sources (Paul & Gary) onto cip's own Twitter and Facebook pages, where a leading Newspaper group stumbled across the photos and chose to use them in their marketing campaign. To cap it all, this snowballed across the country and overnight James hit the heady heights of stardom.

Lets hope this all doesn't go to his head, as new images of James have just appeared on the internet from a recent night out with his new celebrity friends.

James's next promotion is rumoured to involve a Union Jack hat and the this space!!

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