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Size does matter!Sept '13

mimaki printer

It's been two years since the last Northprint adventure where we discovered the Xerox 550 digital press, which we later invested in and has proved to be a fantastic investment for cip. This resulted in the visit to Northprint 2013 to investigate the large format market more closely.

macdonaldsThe three amigos (Gary, James and Paul) set sail to Northprint, it was then Paul discovered Harrogate was not a suburb of London but was actually in Yorkshire, who'd have thought it! Paul consoled himself with a large McDonalds Breakfast whilst we debated with Paul about “why Northprint wouldn't be in the South? ".

mimaki-northprintOn arrival we were immediately drawn to the Mimaki stand where they were demonstrating the award winning CJV30-100 wide format intergrated printer and cutter and the results were out of this world! When we arrived at the stand the machine was producing window stickers printed onto a clear vinyl, backed up with white and kiss-cut, all in one process....amazing!! We were stood agog, staring at the machine when the demonstrator moseyed on across to chat to us about his wares. It was at this point we realised the diversity of the machine and the many increased opportunities this could create for cip.

We soon realised the demonstrator was from the North East but luckily Paul, also from the North East, was on hand to translate. He explained how the Mimaki uses a high scratch resistant, lightfast solvent based ink to print onto a variety of substrates, allowing the printed material to be used both indoors and outdoors whilst also giving a vibrant, long lasting print. The Mimaki can even print spot metallic inks, opening up a whole world of shiny possibilities. The Mimaki CJV30-100 has an integrated cutting facility which previously required a separate machine, we knew at this point it was cip's destiny to go wide and large! The three amigos arrived back at cip headquarters, still buzzin' from there jaunt to Harrogate and the amazing sights they'd seen....also the 10 cups of coffee consumed along the way.

We are now proud to announce the Mimaki CJV30-100 has been installed along with an Easymount SH1200 laminating machine, this now opens up endless opportunities for our customers.mimaki-northprint

The three amigos are now looking forward to 2015,
to see what exciting new opportunities develop.

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