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Digital Printing

In this fast paced world in which we live, time is precious and one of the main benefits of digital printing is faster turnaround times. Another advantage of this method is lower setup costs giving you the most cost effective method of production for smaller print runs, whilst maintaining the quality you expect from cip.

Digital printing also allows you to personalise your job using variable data which complements your marketing products, giving that personal touch your customers really appreciate.
The beauty of digital print is its environmental credentials. With an almost non-existent setup and a reduction in waste material, digital printing is the greener alternative.

Cip have recently invested in the latest Xerox Versant digital press. Renowned in the industry for being the “best-in-class” for its image quality, the Xerox achieves unprecedented results and produces exceptionally fine print quality. 
This press is extremely versatile and can print on a wide range of stocks, even envelopes, but it doesn’t stop there! The option of paper weights of up to 400gsm and a sheet size of up to 330 x 660mm this press has got it covered. Its fast production speed, exceptional quality sets it apart from its competitors.

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