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Sporting Promotions

We have put together a collection of fantastic sporting merchandise to really get the crowd going. Taking your brand to the great outdoors is an excellent way to get your identity in to your customers hands, at a time when they are at their happiest. Whether they are supporting their favourite team at a football match, or encouraging their great aunt in the last mile of their first marathon - your brand will be recognised and remembered by everyone.

You will see some old favourites, but we have also added some new options which might be just the ticket to start off your next brand promotion.


Fan Clappers

Get the crowd going with these promotional Fan Clappers, the latest cheering device for real sports fans. There is a large panel to the front and back to display your branding and they will keep fans cool in the heat of the action!




Spiral Hats

Spiral hats are a great way of promoting your business or event and have a large visible print area. They are a great giveaway and their fun value remains throughout the season or promotion! Why not sit back and enjoy the happiness that these hats bring.



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